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Beginner Lessons

All beginners start out in private lessons.  During this one-on-one time, we focus on How to safely approach and work around the horse, the fundamentals of grooming and saddling, mounting and dismounting, stopping and steering in the walk trot and canter.

We work in smaller arenas and on a lung line to focus on balance and position.

Most students will stay in private lessons for 6-8 weeks and very young students will stay in privates for an extended time.


Once you can:

Catch halter and lead your lesson horse.

Demonstrate the correct grooming practices.

Correctly saddle and Unsaddle with limited assistance.

Walk, trot, canter, and steer independently you have the opportunity to move to group lessons.

Group Lessons

Group lessons give you the chance to ride with fellow students close in age and skill level.

Groups consist of four to five students per lesson. In these lessons we work on

safely navigating around other horses, walk trot and canter on the rail and within a variety of patterns.

Private Lessons

Private lessons are an opportunity for you to focus on specific skills. They are great for individuals who want to pursue skills in dressage, work on a green horse or get help on issues you may be having with your personal horse. Private lessons also give us the opportunity to ride your horse and feel where you are in your training.

Jump Lessons

Jump lessons are for intermediate and advanced students.


Beginning jump lessons can be done on your own horse or one of our lesson horses. We will work on position and correctness over poles, cross rails, and small verticals. We use gymnastic exercises and small courses to increase your confidence and ability.


Advanced jump lessons are done on your personal horse. We work on bigger gymnastic exercises to help understand timing and distances. We also ride bigger courses so that you can start to compete at recognized shows or just advance your personal skill.


Private jump lessons are used when you have a specific issue that you want to work on.

These lessons may involve your instructor riding your horse to better understand the issue.

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Dressage Lessons

Dressage lessons are for students that have mastered the basics of riding and want to work on more difficult movements. We work on helping your horse use his body correctly thru straightness and lateral exercises. We focus on geometry and the tests that are appropriate to you and your horses’ level of skill. These lessons also give us the opportunity to ride and evaluate where your horses training is and where it needs to go.

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